Item Description

Diamond Wheels

Greets Diameter Width
1. X Smooth 100 mm 15 mm
2. Smooth 110 mm 16 mm
3. Medium Smooth 120 mm 18 mm
4. Medium 125 mm 20 mm
5. Medium Rough 130 mm 25 mm
6. Rough 140 mm 30 mm
7. X Rough 150 mm 36 mm
8. XX Rough 165 mm 40 mm

Any dimension of spare Diamond wheels can be made and supplied. AIT ESSILORE, GRANDSEIKO, BRIOT, LOH, INGOHERBERT, INDO, WECO and all other types of edgers.

Dressing Sticks

  • A must for all diamond tools and Diamond wheels
  • Sears, Dressing Sticks increases cutting rates and life of the Diamond tools.
  • A necessary spare for Diamond Tools to increase productivity.
  • Apply hard sticks for rough wheels and soft sticks for smooth wheels as and when cutting rate drops.

Pattern Blanks

  • Acceptable with all automatic and manual edgers.
  • Can be cut with automatic pattern making machine or also by manual cutting.
  • Incorporates all the characteristics required intentionally for automatic lens edgers.

Glass Driller

  •  For glass and plastic lens drilling from both the sides at a time.
  • Lens can be drilled by any person within half minute without lens breakage.
  • Taper reamer to adjust size of the hole upto 2.7mm diameter.
  • Size : 185mm X 135mm X 275mm
    Weight : 4.5 kgs

Automatic Lens Groover

  •  Initially allows to observe grooving location and depth on the glass and plastic lens edges.
  •  Excellent uniform grooging with simple operation within a minute.
  •  Longer lasting diamond blade.
  • Size : 210mm X 170mm X 15mm
    Weight : 3.5 kgs.


  • Easy to operate
  •  Most compact in size
  •  Battery or electrically operated
  •  Bulb easily available
  •  Diopters increasing upto + 20 in 0.25 steps

150mm Double and Single Diamond Wheels

  • Gravitational flow of coolant.
  • 150 mm diameter of the diamond wheels.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Easy to change the diamond wheels.
  •  Polishing attachment.
  •  Single wheel can easily changed to double wheel without any alteration.
  • Size : 300mm X 280mm X 12mm
    Weight : 12 kgs. 220V and 110V

150mm Double Diamond Wheels

  •  Automatic pumped uniform coolant flow.
  •  No frequent cleaning required.
  •  Polishing facility.
  •  Very quite operation.
  • Size : 300mm X 280mm X 230mm
    Weight : 12 kgs. 220V and 110V

Ami 150mm Double and Single Diamond Wheels

  •  Rough and smooth, two diamond wheels.
  •  Heavy duty operation with speed of action.
  •  Proven longer machine life.
  •  Time tested unit.
  •  150 x 18 x 2 mm separate Diamond Wheels.
  • Size : 220mm X 350mm X 285mm
  • Weight : 14 kgs.

Screw Driver & Nut Driver

  •  Give away Screwdriver in plastic
  •  Give away Screwdriver in metal
  •  Red top thick screwdriver
  •  Brasstop screwdriver with 1.3mm & 1.8mm.
  •  Nut driver 2.0mm & 2.5mm.
  •  Plastic tip screwdriver 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 & 2.0mm.

Screw Removing Devices

  •  Removing of broken screws easily in minimum time.
  •  Also can be used for plastic lens drilling and reamless.
  •  Hole making in spactacle frames.

Edge Polishing Unit

  •  For polishing edges of the organic and mineral lens.
  •  Also using for high power lenses edger polishing and rimless lens edge polishing.

Optical Accessories

  • Grooving timer belt
  • Frame warmer coil ( Alifiya )
  • Green dressing stick
  • White dressing stick
  • Executive tape
  • Grooving diamond blade
  • Extra Fuses
    8.Extra parts for pliers
  • Sucksions for autoedgers lens chucking
  • Extra alankeys in inches and milimeters
  • Drilling and grooving units motor belt
  • Drill bits for lens drilling and reaming
  • Solder flux powder
  • Silver solder wire
  • Pattern Cutter pin
  • Pattern blanks to suit all automatic edgers
  • DL2 hand edger tube holder
  • Carbon rods for soldering

Popular Models

A flat diamond wheel is used in Popular Models. Grit size of the wheel is medium, which ensures good finish with faster production. Model Nos. 1 to 4 are in Popular range, each having different size of the diamond wheel .


  • Supply : 230V. 50Hz. 1 phase.
  • Consumption : 150 watts.
  • Dimensions : 330mm X 270mm X 230mm.
  • Unit wt : 10 to 12 kg.
  • Wheel Dimensions : Diameter X width X Diamond Layer.
  • Model No 1 : 100mm X 16mm X 1.50mm
  • Model No 2 : 125mm X 16mm X 1.50mm
  • Model No 3 : 125mm X 18mm X 1.75mm
  • Model No 4 : 125mm X 20mm X 2.00mm
Groovomatic Models

The diamond wheel of Groovomatic Models have a V groove matching with International Standards. A fine finish Hide-a-Bevel can be formed in addition to the normal egding.
Model Nos. 5 and 6 are Groovomatic type, each having different diameter wheel.


As per popular models except wheel type & size Wheel Dimensions

  • Model No 5 : 100mm X 20mm X 1.50mm with V groove
  • Model No 6 : 125mm X 20mm X 1.50mm with V groove

Master Edgers

Master Edger diamond wheel have a rough portion and smooth portion with a V groove. Rough cutting of lens is additional advantage of this type of machine. Model Nos. 7 and 8 are Master Edgers having different diameter wheels.


Other specifications are all as per popular range except wheel type and size. Wheel Dimensions

  • Model No.7 : 100mm X 30mm X 1.50mm (10mm rough+20mm smooth with V groove )
  • Model No.8 : 125mm X 30mm X 1.50mm ( 10mm rough+20mm smooth with Vgroove )