Code No. Item Name
25G. End Gripping ILM Forceps
Design for removing Delicate ILM and epiretinal Membrane. Peeling Membrane on the Macula
ICL Manipulating Fcps
Flat tip with Round Disc . 20g in squeeze handle. Small incision manipulating fcps with angled flat disc tips
ICL Manipulating Fcps
ICL Fcps with Serrated jaws to grasp lens and hole on upper surface for easy view of lens
Smile Forceps Squeeze hand e for Lenticule
Dr. Rupal Shah's Femtosecond Forceps
25g. Scissors Hybrid, Curve
25g. Hybrid Serrated Fcsp
25g. HYBRID Capsulor Fcps
25g DASEK Gripping Forceps
Dr. Toshinwal's 23g. MICS Cap. Fcps
Bubble Marker
Segal's 25g. Titanium tips End Gripping Fcps
Desk 23g. Grasping fcps
SO 114
Segals Squeeze Handle Scissor

Intraocular Scissor, squeeze handle for vitreous in vertical cutting, 45 and 90 Straight and curved

SO 10
Segals Intraocular Squeeze Handle Forcep

Squeeze handle forceps in straight and curved models

SO 113
Segals Vitreous Foreign Body Forcep
Squeeze Handle Foreign Body Forcep
SO 116
Vitrectomy Lens Holding Forcep
Gently curved shank squeeze handle
SO 116
Vitrectomy Scissor
Gently curved shank squeeze handle