Code No. Item Name
Co-Axial Cannula 16g. Curve. Titanium Handle for free flow
SO 169
Air Injection

Cannula, angled 5mm from tip

SO 71

Air Injection Cannula, spatulated tip, angled at 7mm

SO 72

Cyclodialysis Cannula, curved, spatulated tip, angled at 13mm

SO 167

Flat Olive Tip Cannula, 25 gauge

SO 73

Irrigating Cannula, smooth, blunt tip, front opening, 22 gauges

SO 164

Irrigating Vectis, dual fluid flow through one front and two backward opening ports, 23 gauge loop

SO 74

Nucleus Loop, 3mm wide, serrated, extra delicate, non-irrigating

SO 75

Irrigating Lens Nucleus Loop, two front opening ports, finely serrated, strong curve, 25 gauge

SO 76

Irrigating Lens Manipulator, disc shaped tip with 0.25mm diameter peg protruding from its center, 25 gauge

SO 165
Lacrimal Cannula

23 gauge straight and 23 guage curved

SO 77

Cystotome with sharp point and sharp cutting edge, 22 guag

SO 78

Collar Button, micro iris retractor and posterior capsule polisher with side irrigation

SO 166

Posterior Capsule Polisher, carbride impregnated on posterior surface of olive tip, front opening, gently curved

SO 163

Posterior Capsule Polisher, 2mm angled tip, front opening finely sandblasted

SO 79

Cortex Extractor and Capsule Polisher, side opening facing into curve, 23 guage, sandblasted

SO 83
Anterior Chamber Cannula

Angled 45 degree, comes in 23 G, 25 G and 27 G

SO 168
A.C. Wash Cannula

Length22mm. 18 G, 20 G, 21 G and 22G

SO 25
Simcoe (Regular)

Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula, original model with aspira- tion through tubing hub and irrigation through luer-lock hub. 23 guage thin wall, 15mm long curved tubes with 0.3mm dia. aspirating port facing into curve and slightly shorter irrigating tip with 45 degee angled front opening. Designed for the true Simcoe I/A technique.

SO 171
Silicon Bulb with Adapter

Silicon Bulb with Adapter