A flat diamond wheel is used in Popular Models.
Grit size of the wheel is medium, which ensures good finish with faster production.
Model Nos. 1 to 4 are in Popular range, each having different size of the diamond wheel
Supply : 230V. 50Hz. 1 phase.
Consumption : 150 watts.
Dimensions : 330mm X 270mm X 230mm.
Unit wt : 10 to 12 kg.
Wheel Dimensions : Diameter X width X Diamond Layer.
Model No 1 : 100mm X 16mm X 1.50mm
Model No 2 : 125mm X 16mm X 1.50mm
Model No 3 : 125mm X 18mm X 1.75mm
Model No 4 : 125mm X 20mm X 2.00mm